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Coffin Death Mints

Buy Halloween Candy For Sale Coffin Death Mints

Coffin Death Mints

This just looks like Halloween Candy.  Worth twice as much just for the cool coffin tin alone!

Zombie Chocolate Bar

Halloween Candy For Sale Zombie Chocolate Bar For Sale

Zombie Chocolate Bar

Zombie Chocolate Candy Bar

  White Chocolate colored zombie green!  Book shelf worthy (that's where mine sits right now).

Pumpkin Spice Gum

Halloween Candy For Sale Pumpkin Flavored Gum Store

Pumpkin Gumballs

It's gum, it's pumpkin pie flavored...need we say more? Plus a cool reusable pumpkin tin for all of your not-as-cool Halloween Candy.


Vampire Repelling Garlic Mints

Halloween Candy For Sale Vampire Garlic Candy For Sale

Vampire Repelling Garlic Mints

Yup, they are garlic flavored 'mints' that will help keep Dracula from moving to fast on your first on your first date this Halloween!

Mutant Gummy Worms

Halloween Candy For Sale Gummy Worms Giant

Giant Gummy Worm

Oh they went there and at over 2 feet long they succeeded.  Try the grape flavor for the most real-looking Halloween Candy Worm!

Ghostbusters Slimer Sours

Halloween Candy For Sale Store Ghostbusters Slimer Sour Candy

Ghostbusters Candy Sours

"I aint afraid of no ghost!" The ghostbusters weren't and now you don't have to be either.  Ghostbusters slimer sour candy!

Killer Bees Honey Candy

Halloween Candy For Sale Killer Bees Honey Candy

Killer Bees Honey Candy

Candy flavored with honey!  There should be more naturally flavored candy, especially honey - a sweetener and flavor!

Silver Bullet Werewolf Mints

Halloween Candy For Sale Werewolf Silver Bullet Mints

Silver Bullet Werewolf Mints

Mints shaped like bullets.  Keep your breath fresh and werewolves at bay this Halloween!

Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Drink

Halloween Candy For Sale Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Energy Drink For Sale

Ghostbusters Ectoplasm Drink

Try Ghostbusters ectoplasm canned energy drink to keep you hunting ghosts all Halloween night long!

Blood IV Bag Candy

Buy Halloween Candy For Sale Blood IV Bag Candy

Blood IV Bag Candy

Blood you can eat!  Drink really, right from this cool IV bag container.  Adds great details to many Halloween cosumtes too!

Absinthe Gumballs

Halloween Candy For Sale Store Absinthe Gumballs

Absinthe Gumballs

Absinthe flavored bubble gum!  Like Absinthe?  You've got to try these!

Pac Man Candy

Halloween Candy For Sale Pac Man Candy and Dispenser Tin

Pac-Man Pellets Candy

Pack Man Candy and super cool Tin dispenser!  The ghosts this October don't stand a chance!

Crazy Cat Lady Candy

Purchase Halloween Candy For Sale Cat Lady Candy Crazy Sours

Crazy Cat Lady Candy

Crazy cat lady?  There is a majically moving line for how many cats one can have before they become 'that' person.  Well this cat shaped candy in a funny tin embraces what other's hide.

Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich

Halloween Candy For Sale Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich

Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich

Want to be an astronaut?  Yeah, me too but I'm not getting any younger and that takes 110% of you.  Well at least we can still eat like one!

Cross Shaped Mints

Halloween Candy For Sale Cross Mints and Holy Bible Tin

Cross Shaped Mints

Holy Cow - Holy Bible Cross Mints!  Sacraligiously delicious.  Unless you believe, then you're just being a good believer.  Win either way with this Halloween candy!

Hello Kitty Devil Cinnamon

Halloween Candy For Sale Hello Kitty Devil Cinnamon Hots

Hello Kitty Devil Hots

Hello Halloween with this Hello Kitty dressed in her little Devil Costume.  This too cool tin for any Hello Kitty fan filled with Cinnamon hots is a perfect Halloween Gift.

Brain Sucker

Halloween Candy For Sale Brain Sucker Lollipop

Brain Sucker Lollipop

Green App.le flavored lolli-pop brain sucker.  Very 1950s meets 2000.

Deluxe Halloween Costume Ideas!  Brand New Halloween Decorations!  Animated Moving Halloween Props!

Moving Alien Mask Party Ideas For Halloween Alien Animated Mask  Lady's Werewolf Halloween Costume Idea  Werewolf Hunter Ring Halloween Costume Accessory Idea  Animated Zombie Halloween Mask Costume Idea  Women's Vampire Vampiress Halloween Costume Idea  Women's Deluxe Pirate Boot Halloween Costume Accessory Idea

Each item has a hand written (well typed any-way) description full of our genius ideas...sometimes funny too.
Party Theme Ideas For Halloween

Fairy Rose Flavored Mints!

Halloween Candy For Sale Store Fairy Candy Flower Flavor

Fairy Rose Mints

Fairies?  Yup and rose flavored!  These fae flower flavored candy mints are perfect for a lighter Halloween treat or maybe a perfect Mother's Day gift?

Halloween Ghost DOTS

Halloween Candy For Sale Ghost DOTS Seasonal Flavor

Seasonal Ghost DOTS

Seasonal no-more thanks to HallwoeenCandyForSale.com!

Health Potion Drink

Halloween Candy For Sale Health Potion Drink Store

Health Energy Potion

Who couldn't use a little more health?  Especially with all that candy you'll be eating this Halloween!

Invisibility Mints

Buy Halloween Candy For Sale Invisiblity Mints

Amazing Invisibility Mints

Invisiblity is often right up there with wished-superpowers.  Give it a try this Halloween...but you really have to want it to get it to work!

Ouija Mystifying Mints

Halloween Candy For Sale Ouija Mints Mystifying Candy Store

Ouija Mystifying Mints
Ouija Board Mints!  Try speaking with the spirit world every time you need clean breath.

Pac Man Ghost Candy

Buy Halloween Candy For Sale Ghost Candy Pac Man Ghosthunting

Pac-Man Ghost Candy

Pac Man know's how to handle ghosts.  Not sure what that is about, but best not to over think it..

Organic Chocolate Bars

Halloween Candy For Sale Store Organic Angel Dark Chocolate Candy Bar

Organice Dark Chocolate Bar

Organic Dark Chocolate Candy Bar.  Support the Organic movement with every purchase!

Life-Size Gummy Brain!

Halloween Candy For Sale Life Size Gummy Brain Store

Life-Size Gummy Brain

Life-Sized gummy brain candy!  The pefect edible center piece for your next Halloween party!

Zombie Drink

Halloween Candy For Sale Zombie Energy Drink Survival

Zombie Survival Drink

Survive the Zombie apocalypse to repopulate the earth?  Will you!

Star Wars Hon Solo Chocolate

Halloween Candy For Sale Hon Solo Star Wars Carbonite Chocolate Bar

Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Chocolate

SHalloween will never be the same for your Star War's fan!

Zombie Gum

Halloween Candy For Sale Zombie Gum Fruit Danger

Zombies Gum

Zombies should chew more gum and less human brains.  Be prepaired when they are pounding at your door with this fruity zombie treat and maybe...just maybe you'll be spared?

Anti-Gravity Mints

Halloween Candy For Sale Anti-Gravity Mint Candy

Anti-Gravity Mints

Yup, every little kids dream I'm sure is to fly...just make sure they understand this is pretend ant-gravity candy...like a toy.

Fugu Death Mints

Halloween Candy For Sale Poisoned FUGU Fish Mints

Fugu Mint Candy

FUGU Death Fish.  Thankfully these mints are not poisonous Halloween candy, nore do they taste like fish.  But if you are into Sushi or Halloween, or just fresh breath with a flare - these are for you!


Halloween Candy For Sale Store Sin O Mints Cinnamon Candy Mints


Embrace the sin - but only the 'small' ones with this cinnamon flavored mint candy!

Halloween Candy For Sale- Store

The most WEIRD, WILD, & WONDERFUL Halloween inspired candy for sale anywhere!